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About Us

Company Introduction
NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO., LTD. was established in 2021. It locates in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, which has beautiful scenery and outstanding people. The registered capital is 6,000,000.00 CNY The company has set up production bases in Jiangxi, Gansu, Jiangsu, Hebei, Hubei and other places. The company has an independent enterprise technology center, complete production and processing capabilities, and convenient and fast after-sales service system. It specializes in the R&D, designing, manufacturing, and domestic and foreign sales of mining equipment, and has the right to import and export independently.
The application of mining equipment is of decisive significance to the modernization, mechanized production and safe production of mining enterprises. After years of painstaking research and development and continuous improvement,our company's products are in the industry, no matter from the product design concept to the quality of product use, and after-sales service are at a high international level. So far, our company has successfully launched mining equipment of various specifications for underground rock drilling, mining, boring transportation, service, special needs, etc., and can be developed and customized according to the actual needs of customers.
As one of the largest high-quality underground equipment production and innovation base in China, KAMACH always adheres to the concept of "creating world-class mining equipment", improves the design and production level of domestic mining equipment, and realizes the complete localization of mining equipment series products, Substitute imports, reduce the cost of mining, and provide efficient and convenient after-sales service.
Product Range:
1) Diesel drive underground loader from 0.6m³~8m³;
2) Electric drive underground wheel loaders from 0.6m³~6m³;
3) Diesel drive underground dumper truck (MineTruck) 4 metric ton~65 metric ton payload;
4) Electric drive underground dumper truck (MineTruck) 4 metric ton~45 metric ton payload;
5) Supporting machineries: Concrete transport, shotcrete robot, lifting, pipe-handling, personnel transport, material transport, truck crane, fire suppression, oil cassette, fuel cassette, water cassette, explosive cassette, passenger cassette;
6) Boring machines: face-drilling jumbo, bolting machine (bolter), long hole drilling, raise boring machine (RBM) from DIA ф1.2m~5m.
7) Rotary drill for open pit: ф200mm | ф250mm | ф310mm;
8) Other auxiliaries and spare parts.
9) Mining solutions and designing services;
At present, our company has established a strategic cooperative relationship with the technical teams of Tsinghua University, Beijing Communication University to improve the technical level and industrial realization of battery drive and remote control. Today, KAMACH 's products have spread all over the world, and have been delivered to Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Colombia, and other dozens of countries. Hundreds of international mining companies have improved efficiency and reduced costs, established a good brand image in the international market, and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.
The times are progressing, KAMACH is advancing, facing the ever-changing market demand, KAMACH will never be satisfied with the present status, based on the market potential of the mining industry and the independent research and development capabilities of the enterprise, KAMACH will always pursue the enterprise spirit of development and innovation, and strive to create The world's most professional, "Made in China" mining equipment. In the future, KAMACHwill practice the development strategy of "looking at the world and based on China", and will go all out to promote the steady and rapid development of the enterprise in the direction of specialization and refinement.
Kamach Mining is always targeting in supplying customer quality products, quick and professional local service and trust.

Application of Mining Machinery
Our company’s products are mainly used to mine and tunnel engineering.
1) The drilling products like exploration drills are often used for mine prospecting coring, open-pit mine blasting, large earthwork dissection of the hydropower station construction, underground roadway blasting, etc.
2) Underground LHD loaders are mainly applicable to transport earthwork and transship ore underground roadway.
3) Multi-function service truck is often applied to support and maintain underground roadway, transport technical staff, diesel and cement, etc.
4) Cranes are mainly used for transporting goods in factory, and transporting, loading and shipping goods outside the factory.

Advantages of Mining Machinery
1. Technical Advantages
As a subsidiary of listed company and a coordinated company of state enterprise, our company regards quality and reputation as life. The main components of products are all imported. Over three years’ development, we have sales person and components supplying in many countries. So our products like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills have been guaranteed quality.
2. Strict Quality Control
We have a specialized quality control department to conduct sample inspection of our mining machinery, and then the products can be put in storage after passing the test.
3. Cost Saving
Our processing center has introduced advanced high-end equipment, which can greatly save human input, lighten labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The main components of our mining machinery like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills are bought from overseas famous manufacturers directly, which can reduce the production costs.
Our company is located in Changbei National Economic and Technical Developing District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, which provides many convenient conditions for us to find satisfied suppliers. It is just only 30 minutes away from dock, airport and Nanchang railway station. Convenient transportation can help to save a large amount of time and cost.
4. Annual Output
We have the ability to annually manufacture 2000 underground LHD loaders, 20 exploration drills, 40 raise boring machines, 50 other drills and 50 cranes.
5. Environmental Production
Our mining machinery is environmentally produced.
6. Pre-sale Service
We will provide free consultancy of mining construction for customers. And we also offer some maintenance and repair training of the products like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills to our customers.
7. In-sale Service
1) The domestic delivery cycle of our mining machinery is 15 to 150 days, and the ocean shipping needs 30 to 35 days.
2) The components are delivered along with the products.
3) We provide free on-site instruction service.
8. After-sale Service
The mining machinery products will have a one year warranty period, except the quick-wear parts. During the warranty period, we will supply components and free maintaining service for underground LHD loaders, exploration drills, etc. When the warranty period is expired, customers can renew insurance. Customers can consult service personnel about the warranty fee.
9. Optional Service
We can design customized mining machinery according to your requirements. We also provide some training.
10. OEM Service
We do provide OEM service for our mining machines.