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About Us

Company Introduction
Founded in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery. Our main products include loading and transporting equipment like underground LHD loader, excavation mining equipment like exploration drill, cranes like bridge cranes, and mining components parts.
NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD has over 50 years’ history and it has strong technical and quality background invested by Chinese government. Kamach Mining has built cooperation with local famous universities and has been supplying training to local universities, in order to develop mining machinery like underground LHD loader, exploration drill, bridge crane, etc. with the most advanced technology.
With the registered capital of 300,000,000 RMB, our company has four research institutions, namely, underground trackless equipment research institute, rock drill research institute, electrical research institute and machine tool research institute. We also have 156 technical staffs with rich experience, guaranteeing the mining machinery products’ quality and developing new products.
NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is located in Changbei National Economic and Technical Developing District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. It began to face the public with the help of Hengtian Kama Group Co., regrouping original Nanchang General Machinery Factory, Jiangxi Mining Machine Factory, Jiangdong Machine Tools Factory, the 4th Machine Tools Factory of Jiangxi Province and the 5th Machine Tools Factory of Jiangxi Province.
Our company has advanced and scientific production technology and capacity as well as rapid innovation ability, so that our products account for a large market share in the domestic market. At the same time, our mining machinery like underground LHD loaders, exploration drills, bridge cranes have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, Congo, South Africa, Peru, and Nicaragua, Bolivia and other countries and regions.
NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a subsidiary of listed company and a coordinated company of state enterprises. Our company has obtained the ISO 9000 certificate of special equipment. All our mining machinery products, including underground LHD loader, exploration drill, underground mining truck, multi-function service truck, underground excavator loader, bucket rock loader and drill jumbo, have been under ISO9001:2000 quality standard.
Due to the strict control of source and quality of parts from international famous brand like Deutz engine, Dana transmission and torque converter, etc, Kama machines can always give customers satisfaction.
Kamach Mining is always targeting in supplying customer quality products, quick and professional local service and trust.

Application of Mining Machinery
Our company’s products are mainly used to mine and tunnel engineering.
1) The drilling products like exploration drills are often used for mine prospecting coring, open-pit mine blasting, large earthwork dissection of the hydropower station construction, underground roadway blasting, etc.
2) Underground LHD loaders are mainly applicable to transport earthwork and transship ore underground roadway.
3) Multi-function service truck is often applied to support and maintain underground roadway, transport technical staff, diesel and cement, etc.
4) Cranes are mainly used for transporting goods in factory, and transporting, loading and shipping goods outside the factory.

Advantages of Mining Machinery
1. Technical Advantages
As a subsidiary of listed company and a coordinated company of state enterprise, our company regards quality and reputation as life. The main components of products are all imported. Over three years’ development, we have sales person and components supplying in many countries. So our products like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills have been guaranteed quality.
2. Strict Quality Control
We have a specialized quality control department to conduct sample inspection of our mining machinery, and then the products can be put in storage after passing the test.
3. Cost Saving
Our processing center has introduced advanced high-end equipment, which can greatly save human input, lighten labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The main components of our mining machinery like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills are bought from overseas famous manufacturers directly, which can reduce the production costs.
Our company is located in Changbei National Economic and Technical Developing District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, which provides many convenient conditions for us to find satisfied suppliers. It is just only 30 minutes away from dock, airport and Nanchang railway station. Convenient transportation can help to save a large amount of time and cost.
4. Annual Output
We have the ability to annually manufacture 2000 underground LHD loaders, 20 exploration drills, 40 raise boring machines, 50 other drills and 50 cranes.
5. Environmental Production
Our mining machinery is environmentally produced.
6. Pre-sale Service
We will provide free consultancy of mining construction for customers. And we also offer some maintenance and repair training of the products like underground LHD loaders and exploration drills to our customers.
7. In-sale Service
1) The domestic delivery cycle of our mining machinery is 15 to 150 days, and the ocean shipping needs 30 to 35 days.
2) The components are delivered along with the products.
3) We provide free on-site instruction service.
8. After-sale Service
The mining machinery products will have a one year warranty period, except the quick-wear parts. During the warranty period, we will supply components and free maintaining service for underground LHD loaders, exploration drills, etc. When the warranty period is expired, customers can renew insurance. Customers can consult service personnel about the warranty fee.
9. Optional Service
We can design customized mining machinery according to your requirements. We also provide some training.
10. OEM Service
We do provide OEM service for our mining machines.