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AFY900/90 Raiseboring Machine

AFY900/90 Raiseboring Machine

This AFY900/90 raise boring machine, also known as raise borer, is high-efficient equipment. With drilling depth 90m, this drilling machine can not only drill coal mine shaft and all kinds of blind shafts, but also drill winze and ventilation shafts in the field of metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

1. This kind of raise boring machine adopts double ball hydraulic drive. It can largely enhance the speed and is safe in construction.
2. This raise borer features compact structure, new design, high degree mechanization, convenient transportation and simple operation. It can work in an explosive environment and can satisfy different construction requirements.

Working Conditions
1. The work-surface height of this raise boring machine should not be lower than 5m, and width lower than 4m.
2. The length and width of construction foundation shall not be less than 3 meters, and the thickness shall be not less than 1 meter. Fundamental casting can be placed when the raise borer digs at hard bedrock surface. Otherwise, the construction is easy to cause collapse.
3. The electric equipment voltage of this on-site construction should be 380V, and the total power should not be lower than 250KW, and the water supply volume should not be under 10m³/h. The water must be supplied continuously, thus the water-holding capacity of the construction pool cannot be less than 12m³.

Package, Delivery and Transportation
This AFY900/90 raise boring machine is packed in nude by 40 foot container. The delivery cycle of this raise borer is 90 to 120 days.

Technical Parameters of AFY900/90 Raise Boring Machine

Parameters AFY900/90 (LM-90)
Guide Hole Diameter (mm) 190
Reaming Diameter (m) 0.9
Drilling Depth (m) 90
Output Shaft Rotation Speed (rpm) 5-33
Rated Torque (KN·m) 7
Max. Torque (KN·m) 15
Max. Drill Bit Impetus (kN) 150
Max. Broaching Tension (kN) 380
Hole Inclination Angle (°) 60-90
Frame Weight (Transportation Included)  (ton) 4.5
Transport Packing Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 1900×950×1115
Frame Working Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 2380×1275×2847
Shank Diameter φ150×1000
Effective Length (mm)
Hole Slope (%) ≤1
Motor Power (kW) 52.7
Drive Type Full Hydraulic Drive
Applicable Rock Rock’s One-way Compressive Strength ≤ 1600MPa

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