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Construction crane, also known as hoist crane, is a kind of lifting handling machinery widely used in ports, workshop, the place such as electricity, construction site, etc. Crane is often used for hoisting, emergency rescue, machinery and the rescue. Lifting mechanism is the basic work structure of the construction crane, which is mostly composed of hanging system and winch. The hosit mainly includes lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, and metal structure, etc.

The construction crane is widely used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical workshop, ports, railways, civil aviation, power station, paper making, materials building, electronics and other industries workshops, warehouses, yard, etc.

1. This construction crane is advanced in technology, complete in performance, reliable in usability, good in stability, high in efficiency and convenient in maintenance.
2. This hoist crane can satisfy heavy load and frequent working assignments. The noise and dust caused by the construction crane are under the standard of environmental protection.

This hoist crane is classified into three types, that is, bridge crane, overhead crane and gantry crane.

1. Security Policy
1) The landing legs of the construction crane are judged automatically to ensure whether the condition set is in accordance with actual working conditions.
2) When the hydraulic oil temperature of the hoist crane is high or low, the computer screen will popup the oil temperature.
3) When the frame inclination of construction crane is over a certain angle, the system will sound a warning and remind to confirm the frame condition.
2. Reliable Hydraulic System
1) The hoist crane is reliable in performance.
2) The luffing mechanism of construction crane adopts decentralization design, which is good in mobility and low in energy consumption.
3) The winching mechanism of the hoist crane introduces brand new twice control curve, which is good in mobility and fast in responding.

1. Clean the total appearance of the construction crane and check whether there is crack or break.
2. Check and tighten shaft and gear box of hoist crane. And check the clearance between the braking wheels to make them balanced, delicate and reliable.
3. Check whether the reduction gear of the construction crane has leakage.
4. Check the steel wire rope of hoist crane whether it has fracture, twist, corrosion, etc.
5. Check the oil quality and oil mass of all the parts, and add or change the lubrication oil.
6. Check the pulley of the construction crane whether the abrasion loss is out of gauge.
7. Check the electricity of the hoist crane comprehensively, such as the switch, signal lamp, guide line, motor, etc.
8. Check whether the shaft coupling of the construction crane is loose. Pay attention to the abrasion condition of the gear wheel and gear ring.

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