DF10A-1BD Single Boom Jumbo

DF10A-1BD Single Boom Jumbo

DF10A-1BD single boom drill rig, a kind of crawler drilling jumbo, is mainly applied in tunneling construction of mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. It can work on face of the tunnel, roof, side and floor. In addition, the single boom drill rig can not only drill the blast hole, but also drill the bolt hole easily.

1. This kind of crawler drilling jumbo, owning a drilling speed of 0.8-2 m/min, can work with high efficiency.
2. The single boom drill rig has an advanced hydraulically controlled drilling system which is safe and simple to operate. The system has auto stop and anti-jamming function, which make sure that the crawler drilling jumbo can stop automatically at the end-point and wash itself automatically.
3. This single boom drill rig can walk flexibly with direct diesel drive which can transport materials at a long distance.
4. The crawler drilling jumbo has a low center of gravity, great mobility and remarkable stability. It is especially suitable for the tunnels of small section.

1. The cycle of this single boom drill rig is 60~90 days. We can also customize this product for our customers, requiring 60~120 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 service and dispatching service. There is also components storage of this crawler drilling jumbo there to provide optimal service.

Technical Parameters of DF10A-1BD Single Boom Drill Rig

Item Unit DF10A-1BD
Drill Rod Speed m/min 0.8-2
Drill Rod Length m 2.475
Drill Rod Diameter mm 27-45
Hole Depth (Once Propelled) m 2.1 (Standard)
Applicable Section (W x H) m 2ⅹ2-4ⅹ4
Traveling Speed km/h 2.5
Grade Ability % 25
Equipped Drill Number and Type   1ⅹHYD200
External Dimensions (LⅹWⅹH) m 7ⅹ0.9ⅹ1.5
Motor Power kw 30
Service Voltage V 380
Total Weight kg 6500
Drill Arm Number and Type   1ⅹZB2.9
Up / Down (°) 55/16
Swing Arm  Inner / Outer (°) 31/31
Compensation m 1.5
Rotation  Positive / Negative (°) 180/180
Propeller Number and Type   1ⅹTJ2.1
Down / Up (°) 105/15
Tilt Angle  Left / Right (°) 45/45


Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. The mentioned single boom drill rig, a kind of crawler drilling jumbo, is one of our company’s main products. Our products are sold to a wide range of countries and regions, winning widespread recognition and praise. If you are interested in this product, please enter our website and contact us immediately.

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