Double Boom Jumbo

Our company is a professional all hydraulic crawler double boom drilling jumbo supplier in China. It is mainly used to drill blast holes for tunneling constructions in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. It adopts anti-explosion design, thus it can work even there exists potential explosion.

CMJ2-17 Hydraulic Crawler Double Boom Drilling Jumbo

Main Technical Specifications

Features and specifications unit data
Jumbo features Number of booms   2
Adaptive section 27
Working scope(Wide × High) mm 5.7×5.2—2.8×2.8
 Dimensions, traveling (L×W×H) mm 9750×1650×2370
Min. turning radius mm 6000
Total weight kg 13100
Hole diameter mm Φ43
Hole depth mm 3000
Feeder Classification and features   Guide rail type
Feeding method   Cylinder-wire
Total length mm 4170
Boom Classification and features   Rotary type
Feeder tilting angle ° Downward 105; upward 15
Boom raising angle, horizontal ° 55
Traveling mechanism Traveling type   Crawler
Driving mechanism   Oil motor, gear box
Traveling speed km/h 0-2.4
Grade ability   25%(14°approx.)

CMJ2-30 hydraulic crawler double boom drilling jumbo

Main Technical Specifications

Item Unit Value
Cross section M2 30
Drill Rod Length m  
Drill Rod Diameter mm 43
Hole Depth mm 3100
Min. turning radius mm 6500
Number of booms   2
Applicable Section (W×H) m 3×3-6×5
Stabilization while drilling   By jacks
(jacked) mm 1980
Flushing water pressure MPa 0.8-1.2
Drilling tools   B28drill rod,Φ43bit
External Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 9750×1650×2370
Total Weight kg 9800