LWL-160 Mining Mucking Loader

LWL-160 Mining Mucking Loader

This LWL-160 mining mucking loader’s maximum loading capacity is 160m³/h. This kind of crawler haggloader adopts unique backhoe structure to excavate rocks. It can also convey rocks by its scraper transportation organization.

The LWL-160 mining mucking loader is mainly applied to mining tunneling, railway, highway, water conservancy and national defense loading work (Cross section of roadway is about 4×4m2). The best working condition for this crawler haggloader is that the rock’s hardness is under 12f or equal to 12f and the block degree is less than 800mm or equal to 800mm.

1. The delivery cycle of this LWL-160 mining mucking loader is 60~90 days. We can also customize this product for customers, needing 60~120 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. We will send professional engineers there to give constructive instruction and maintenance. There is also components storage of this crawler haggloader there to provide timely service.
3. This LWL-160 mining mucking loader is stable to operate. It can be used 2000 hours with no need of maintenance.

1. This crawler haggloader adopts unique backhoe structure, which is high efficient in digging rocks.
2. The LWL-160 mining mucking loader is compact in structure and it can work in a damp condition and slope under 12° or equal to 12°.
3. Wind cooling equipment is equipped with hydraulic circuit to lower oil temperature, which can ensure long working time.
4. This crawler haggloader uses hydraulic rubber hose and pipe joint, which are convenient to assemble and dismantle, reliable in sealing and have no leakage.
5. The transport pan’s rear of this LWL-160 mining mucking loader has collision-prevention device, which can effectively protect the machine and conveying equipment.
6. The electric system of this crawler haggloader introduces the step-down (Y/delta) startup mode. Short circuit protection and over current protection device are equipped, effectively protecting the motor and electrical components.
7. The front of the transport pan is equipped with aggregate bin and push-plate device, which can load large quantity and have big push power.

Package and Delivery
This LWL-160 mining mucking loader is packed in nude by 40 foot container.

Technical Parameters of LWL-160 Crawler Haggloader

Item Unit LWL-160 LWL-160A
Max. Loading Capacity m3/h 160
Max. Excavation Height mm 3785 4500
Max. Excavation Depth mm 1000 1500
Max. Excavation Distance mm 2717 3500
Max. Excavation Width mm 4700 6500
Excavation Force   ≥50
Work Arm Deflection Angle ° ±30 ±45
Grade Ability ° ≥20
Ground Clearance mm 225
Ground Pressure MPa 0.08 0.10
Motor Power kW 55(380V)
Transport Pan Width mm 800
Machine Weight kg 14000 15000
Machine Impetus kN ≥80 ≥90
Traveling Speed km/h 0~1.7
Discharge Distance mm 2115 (Adjustable) 2550 (Adjustable)
Discharge Height mm 2080 (Adjustable) 2200 (Adjustable)
External Dimensions (Working Condition) (Length×Width×Height) m 10.46×2.49×2.87 10.2×2.5×3.1
External Dimensions (Conveying State) (Length×Width×Height) m 8.95×2.05×2.4 9.0×2.05×2.5

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. Our mining machines have been winning widespread recognition and praise. This LWL-160 mining mucking loader is one of our company’s main products. Now this kind of crawler haggloader is for sale. For more information, please enter our website and contact us immediately.

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