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Mining Components Parts

  • Rotary Drill for Open PitKama specializes in loading and transporting equipment, excavation mining equipment and cranes. It also offers mining components for our customers, such as reverse circulation drill bit. This reverse circulation drill rod can deliver exceptional drilling performance in the soft to medium formations typically found in mineral...
  • Raise BoringKama company supplies raise boring reamer and pilot hole drilling tool as well as raise boring machine. Raise boring machine, also called raise borer, is usually used in vertical drilling on hard formations such as mining. In raise boring system, the pilot hole is drilled down to a lower level. Once the pilot hole connects to the lower...

Imported Auxiliary Equipment

  • Water-cooled Turbocharged Inter-cooled Diesel Engine of Germany Deutz
  • Exhaust Gas Purification Plant of Canada CEP Company
  • Brake of American MICO Company
  • Torque Converter of American DANA Company
  • Power Shift Gearbox of DANA Corporation
  • Original Oil Filter of American DANA Company
  • High Pressure Gear Pump of American PERMCO Company
  • Drive Axle of American DANA Company

Domestic Auxiliary Equipment

  • High Pressure Gear Pump of Changjiang Hydraulic Co., Ltd
  • Domestic High Performance Drive Axle
  • Domestic High Performance Transmission Shaft
  • Multiple Directional Valve of Changjiang Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. We are specialized in loading and transporting equipment, excavation mining equipment, cranes and mining components parts. The referred gear pump, drive axle and transmission shaft are all our company’s main mining components parts.