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Mining Excavation Equipment

  • Drilling JumboA jumbo drill can support, promote, and move one or more drill vehicles. It is drill equipment used in tunneling and underground engineering. Thus it is also called tunneling jumbo. It is mainly applied in tunnel and culvert excavation in the field of mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway, etc. This jumbo...
  • Boring MachineExploration drilling, also known as exploration drill rig, is usually applied to drill holes for the purpose of evaluating the contents of the ground in a particular area. It is conducted to find out whether the targeted materials are present or not, and to assess the quality of those materials. There are a number of industries that...

Mining excavation equipment is usually applied in tunneling. Thus it is also called tunnel excavation equipment. A tunnel is an underground passageway, completely enclosed except for openings for ingress and egress, commonly at each end. In the tunnel construction, these factors such as the ground conditions, the ground water conditions, the length and diameter of the tunnel drive, the depth of the tunnel, the logical supporting of the tunnel excavation, the final use and shape of the tunnel and appropriate risk management should be considered when choosing tunnel excavation equipment.

Different Types of Mining Excavation Equipment
1. Drilling Jumbo
(1) Crawler Drilling Jumbo
(2) Single Boom Jumbo
(3) Double Boom Jumbo
(4) Explosion Proof Jumbo
(5) Wheeled Drilling Jumbo
(6) Scaler Drill Jumbo
2. Boring Machine
(1) Raise Boring Machine
(2) Water Well Drilling Rig
(3) Open Pit Mining Drilling

Founded in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery. Kama is a subsidiary of listed company and a coordinated company of central enterprises. Our company has obtained the ISO9000 safety certificate of special equipment. We also gained the quality management system certification. All our mining machinery products, including the mentioned mining excavation equipment, have been under ISO9001:2000 quality standard. If you are interested in this tunnel excavation equipment, please contact us immediately.