Crawler Mucking Loader

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  • LZ-80/ZLZY Wheel HaggloaderThis LZ-80/150 wheel mucking loader’s maximum loading capacity is 80m³/h. This wheel haggloader is suitable for the roadway...
  • LZ-80/ZLZY Wheel HaggloaderThis LZ-80/ZLZY wheel mucking loader’s maximum loading capacity is 80m³/h. This kind of haggloader is suitable...
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  • LZ-120/45G Wheel HaggloaderWith maximum loading capacity 120m³/h, this LZ-120/45G wheel haggloader is suitable for the roadway section that...

Mucking loader is also named haggloader. This product is widely used in mining together with tramcar or shuttle mine car. It has unique structure that allows continuous excavating and transporting for underground earthwork. This mucking loader adopts electrical hydraulic control system, which is environmental, safe and high efficient. It is indispensable mining equipment.

This haggloader is mainly applied in narrow mining places such as phosphate rock, iron ore, copper, gold, silver, gold, coal mine roadway, etc.

1. Compared with other equipments, this mucking loader is higher in efficiency. Compared with crawler excavation loader, this haggloader is compact in structure. Although some small loaders or digging equipments are smaller, this excavation loader is a better choice for excavating and loading.
2. Our main service is 1500 hours dispatching service. We can send professional engineers there to give on-site instruction. We have components storage of this mucking loader to supply timely.

This haggloader covers LWL-90, LWL-100, LWL-160, LWL-260, LW-100/150, LZ-80/150, LZ-80/ZLZY, LZ-80/45G, LZ-120D/ZLZY, and LZ-120/45G type.

Using Conditions of Mucking Loader
1. The tunnel slope should not be more than 15°.
2. The environment temperature of roadway should be between -5℃ and +40℃, and the maximum relative humidity is not more than 90% (when the temperature is 25℃).
3. The height that the haggloader works at should not be more than 1000m. When the height is more than 1000m, some measures should be taken.
4. The maximum load of ore-bearing rock blocks should be less than 400 mm.
5. The limit deviation of voltage is ±5%. The limit deviation of AC frequency is ±1%.
6. The coal dust, methane content of explosive gas around the mucking loader should comply with the regulations of coal mine safety regulations

Structure and Performance
This haggloader is mainly composed by traveling mechanism, excavating mechanism, conveying mechanism, hydraulic system and electric system. Through the coordination and cooperation of each part, finally the hydraulic and electric actuators and mechanical transmission mechanism complete the process.
This mucking loader can walk, excavate, transport and load. Hydraulic walking function is driven by hydraulic motor drive wheels, and the hydraulic motor can move forward, backward, and automatically brake. Excavation function is operated by mechanical hands and is hydraulic controlled. The transporting and loading performance are achieved by conveyor system. Conveyor width is 650mm, transport speed is about 5m/sec, and conveyor belt driven by hydraulic motor, make the transfer machine more stable in performance and long in service life.
The electric system of this haggloader adopts flame-proof type electromagnetic starter, which can control motor and ensure the safety of staff and equipment. The mucking loader adopts a 15kw motor, and drive roller adopts hydraulic drive, which just needs one person to operate.

Traveling Mechanism
This haggloader consists of chassis, front axle and rear axle, traveling mechanism tires, hydraulic motors, steering cylinder, etc.

Working Structure
The working structure of this mucking loader is composed of big arm base, arm oil cylinder, big arm, forearm, scoop, arm oil cylinder, the lower oil cylinder and digging bucket cylinder.

Working Structure
This haggloader is started by oil pump. The up, down, forward, back, turning, mining functions are achieved by big arm, bucket rod, and bucket which are controlled by multi-way valve handles. The bucket is equipped with tooth, which can be replaced after being worn out.
1. Rack
The conveyor structure of this mucking loader is composed of the front shovel, the driven roller, roller and conveyor belt.
2. Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of this haggloader is made up of steel ball hydraulic motor, gear pump, priority valve, multiple directional control valves, hydraulic steering, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic support tube, radiator, oil filter, hydraulic oil tank and cable. Hydraulic hose has the safety certificate.

Installing and Debugging
1. Installing
The mucking loader should be installed by technical staff according to the drawing picture. It should conform to the order, from chassis base, conveyor base, adjusting bracket, excavating parts, hydraulic system to electric system.
2. Debugging
1. Confirm the circuit is connected and cable slack is moderate. Confirm the tank of the haggloader has been refilled hydraulic oil according to regulations. Coat grease on connecting parts of the pin shaft and cylinder parts.
2. First examine whether the mucking loader is normal in walking system and whether steering system is flexible, then restart conveying system and check whether it is normal. Second start mining section, and examine whether the stretch arm is normal and extend arm rotation is flexible.

Assembling Attention of Haggloader
1. When assembling the connecting bolt, the check washer should be checked whether it is complete and whether the tightness meets the requirements.
2. Joint part of the hydraulic system must be wiped clean and can not have dust and impurities. Check whether the seal is complete or damaged. All piping shall be fixed according to the original position.
3. When the whole mucking loader is installed completely, other auxiliaries should be checked.

Operation of Haggloader
1. Check power system
The cable, the joint and interconnecting link should be intact.
2. Check hydraulic system
Connection between the components of hydraulic system and the connection line should be tightened to ensure no obvious leakage phenomenon. The hydraulic oil should comply with the regulations (oil is about 4/5 of the total volume of the tank).
3. Check controlling system
Each control handles should be at neutral place to ensure flexible control.
4. Check conveyor system
The conveyor belt should be in good condition. The tightness should be moderate.
5. In the walking process, if the mucking loader needs to stop, please put foot valve in a neutral position, namely, brake.
6. When the haggloader walks or backs off, a warning should be sent out.

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. The mucking loader, also known as haggloader, is one of our company’s main products. If you are interested in this product, please enter our website and contact us immediately.