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Underground Lift Platform

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Underground lift platform truck, also known as mining lift platform, is mainly used to transport large items. This kind of truck is mainly used as service truck under mine.

1. The underground lift platform trucks adopts high elastic solid tyres, which can enhance the trailer carrying capacity and service life, reducing damage caused by bumping to the goods.
2. This underground lift platform truck introduces rotary bracket of double suspension type, which can adjust the balance and stability.
3. The pin materials of each joint adopt alloy steel, which is processed by special processing.
4. The mining lift platform is reasonable designed. It adopts joist steel girder, which can enhance loading capacity and improve the stability of trailer.

1. The supercharger of the underground lift platform truck should be connected closely with inlet and exhaust pipe to ensure no air leakage. If air leaks between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust turbine, the supercharger’s efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the exhaust temperature of diesel engine will rise sharply and damage the valve and the supercharger.
2. Before starting new underground lift platform trucks, the supercharger and its oil filter should be filled with clean oil to ensure diesel work normally. When the mining lift platform drives 8000~10000km, the filter element should be changed.
3. The underground lift platform trucks should be operated for 3 to 5 minutes in idling condition to low the rotary speed and temperature of supercharger. If there is something abnormal, the mining lift platform truck should be stopped to check.
4. When the underground lift platform truck works 500h or 30000km, users should check the intervals between spindles and clean the dust on the spindle blades. Mechanical methods are prohibited to clean the dust.

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