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Rotary Drill for Open Pit

Rotary Drill for Open Pit

Kama specializes in loading and transporting equipment, excavation mining equipment and cranes. It also offers mining components for our customers, such as reverse circulation drill bit. This reverse circulation drill rod can deliver exceptional drilling performance in the soft to medium formations typically found in mineral exploration, and provide the lowest cost.

1. Our range of reverse circulation drill bits offers a cost effective, heavy-duty sampling system for obtaining continuous, high quality geological samples. Maximizing energy output and minimizing air consumption results in excellent production rates with low cost per meter drilling.
2. Reverse circulation rods make reaching your target depth more efficient, therefore increasing productivity. Our robust designs and superior performance coupled with durability ensure less downtime.

Founded in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery, including main products and auxiliary components, like reverse circulation drill bit (reverse circulation drill rod).

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