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KY-200B Rotary Blast Hole Drilling Rig

KY-200B Rotary Blast Hole Drilling Rig

KY-200B rotary blast hole drilling rig is designed to drill big blast holes in large quarries and opencast mines. This blasthole drill has big capacity and high working efficiency. It is easy to operate and maintain. The delivery cycle of this rotary blast hole drilling rig is short, requiring 90~120 days. We can also customize this product for our customers, needing 90~150 days.

1. KY-200B blasthole drill uses low drilling frame, which can drill the hole at the depth of 17m whereas it should be added a rod in the middle period.
2. This rotary blast hole drilling rig is using 6 kv or 10 kv high voltage power supply.
3. The driving cab of this blasthole drill adopts double structure, which can prevent heat and keep warm. The driving cab is also equipped with air conditioner, electric heater, etc.
4. The caterpillar stents, balance beam, platform and drilling frame of this rotary blast hole drilling rig are made by low alloy steel. And their service life reaches 10 years.
5. AC frequency inverter, programmable controller (PLC) and HMI graphic operation terminal all adopt imported parts.
6. Rotation, elevation and walk of this blasthole drill are all driven by AC frequency conversion motor. They are controlled by three level inverter vector to realize stepless speed regulation.
7. Dust removal system of this rotary blast hole drilling rig uses compressed air injection type or pump water supply two kinds of wet dust removal system. The northern region utilizes water tank heating, water heating, etc. to prevent freeze.
8. The blasthole drill in open cast mining is leveled by four hydraulic jacks. It can work on the roughness of 400mm.
9. The hydraulic system manual multi-way valve and electro-hydraulic directional control valve adopts imported parts, and pneumatic components adopt Japan SMC products.
10. This rotary blast hole drilling rig is stable to operate with no need of maintenance at front 2000 hours.

Technical Parameters of KY-200B Blasthole Drill
Type: KY-200B
Punching Diameter: 150-200mm
Hole Angle: 70-90°
Hole Depth: Add a Rod Every 17m
Rock Hardness Coefficient: f=4-14
Axial Pressure: 160Kn
Rotating Speed: 0~120r.pm
Rotation Torque: 4591NM
Lifting Capacity: 70KN
Lifting Speed: 0-20 m/min
Feed Speed: 0~2 m/min
Slagging Air Compressor Blast Capacity: 32 m³/min
Slagging Air Compressor Wind Pressure: 0.5MPa
Traveling Speed: 1 Km/h
Traveling Way: Crawler
Traveling Power: Hydraulic Motor
Grade Ability: 21%
Power: 285KW
Weight of KY-200B rotary blast hole drilling rig : 48T
External Dimensions:
Vertical: 9.3x4.76x13.885m
Horizontal: 13.89x4.76x5.05m

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. Our company has obtained the ISO9000 certificate of special equipment. The rotary blast hole drilling rig, also known as blasthole drill, has been exported to many countries and regions, winning widespread recognition and praise. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.

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