Shotcrete Robots

Shotcrete Robots

This SC20.9 shotcrete robot is spraying equipment designed for underground. This robotic shotcrete machine is compact in structure, which satisfies different types of tunnel. It is stable to operate.

1. The delivery cycle of this shotcrete robot is 60~90 days. Our company can customize the products for our customers, just needing 60~120 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. There is also components storage of this robotic shotcrete machine at that place to provide optimal service.

1. The shotcrete robot adopts Deutz engine TD2011L04i type, which has big power but low pollution.
2. The robotic shotcrete machine introduces double power system. Air compressor can be equipped to make it work in a harsh condition.

Maintenance and Repair
1. Remember to refer to the components atlas to purchase parts of this shotcrete robot from the original supplier, in order to prolong the operating life.
2. Please refer to service manual to maintain and take good care of this robotic shotcrete machine to prolong the operating life.

Technical Parameters of Shotcrete Robots

Type   SC20.9 SC20.9D SC20.9C
Diesel Engine Brand TD2011LO4i/Deutz    
  Power Process 74.5HP/2600rpm   Work 52HP/1500rpm    
  Cooling Type Air Cooling    
Motor Brand AEG    
  Power 30KW/40HP 3000rpm    
  Working Voltage  400/440V    50/60HZ    
  Protection Level IP65    
Double Power System Processing Diesel Driven    
  Guniting Power Driven  Diesel or Power Driven Power Driven
Hydrostatic Transmission        
Plunger Pump Brand PM65/ Poclain    
  Type Plunger Pump    
Main Pump Brand Rexroth    
  Installation Place Near Motor Near Motor or Diesel Near Motor
Suspender Plunger Pump Near Pump    
Maintenance Variable Pump Near Diesel    
Nozzle Plunger Pump Near Pump    
Braking Working Braking Two Rear Wheels Hydraulic Brake      
  Parking Braking Four-wheel Hydraulic Braking    
Axle   Four-wheel Independent Motor    
Driven Method   Four-wheel Driven    
Driving Cab   Front Roadster, ROPS-FOPS Certification, Driving Seat 90°    
Steering   Fluid-link Steering, Middle Articulated    
Machinery Arm   No Joint    
  Derrick Horizontal Rotation   180°    
  Derrick Tilt Up and Down   80°    
  Nozzle Rotation 360°    
  Nozzle Tilting 240°    
  Nozzle Height 9 Meters    
  Remote Control Wireless or Wire    
Guniting Device        
Peristaltic Pump Brand AMP22/BOYSER    
  Work Electricity    
  Flow Regulation Independent Electric Control    
  Work Pressure 8BAR    
  Flow DE 1 a 10 l/min    
Main Work Pump Type  ML01    
  Output 20m³/h    
  Max. Pressure 6Mpa    
  Cylinder Diameter 80MM    
  Stroke Length 700MM    
  Max. Piston Pressure   4000psi    
  Max. Cement Pressure   2000psi    
  Work Pressure Range 1500/3000psi    
  Max. Granularity 16MM    
  Stirrer Yes    
Air Compressor Type No   AIRTOP-50
  Power     37KW
  Flow     6m³/min
  Type     Spiral
  Force     Electric
  Max. Pressure     8BAR
Turning Radius Inner 4650MM    
  Outer 6850MM    
Speed   0~20KM/H    
Max. Grade Ability   30%    
Storage Battery   12V110AH×2    
Quality   6850KGS 7000KGS 7550KGS
Tyre   12-16.5 / RIM9.75*16.5    

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. The shotcrete robot is spraying equipment, which is one of our company’s main products. If you are interested in this robotic shotcrete machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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