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Mining Transport Truck

Mining transport truck, also called underground transportation truck, is transporting equipment often used in mine, underground and tunnel. The carriage and the mechanical transmission system adopt advanced components from abroad. The steering angle of the mining transport truck is big, which is stable to operate. This underground transportation truck is an important tool for mining.

This underground mining transport trucks includes UK-4 LP, UK-6 LP, UK-8 LP, UK-10 LP, UK-12 LP, UK-15 LP, UK-20 LP, UK-25 LP, UK-30 LP, and UK-35 LP type.

This mining transport truck can be classified into UK-6L concrete transporter and UK-6R staff transporter. The UK-6L underground concrete transportation truck is designed for transporting dry concrete. It is often used in tunneling and mining combined with shotcrete machine. It often transports sand, concrete and scree.
Uk-6R underground staffs transport truck is designed for transporting staffs for mining.

This underground transportation truck is mainly applied to tunneling and mining.

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