UK-30 LP Underground Dump Truck

UK-30 LP Dump Truck

With stowed bucket capacity 20m³, surface box bucket capacity 15m³, rated loading capacity 2.7ton, and maximum grade ability 14%, this UK-30 LP mining dump truck is transporting equipment used for loading and transporting ores and materials underground.

1. The delivery cycle of this UK-30 LP mining tip truck is short. 120~150 days is enough. Our company can customize the products for our customers, just requiring 150~180 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. As for this UK-30 LP mine dump trucks, we send professional engineers to give our customers instructions and maintenance.

1. The UK-30 LP mining tip truck adopts Cummins QSM11FR20001 engine, which has big power but low pollution. The power transmission is hydraulic, introducing imported famous brands such as Dana, Eaton, Sauer Danfoss, etc.
2. The hydraulic torque converter, speed changing box and the driven axle equipped with this UK-30 LP mine dump truck are all from DANA.
3. The off-gas discharged by this UK-30 LP mining tip truck is processed though oxidation, catalysis and anechoic treatment, etc.
4. The dumper lorry is compact in structure and stable in operation.
5. The carriage of this UK-30 LP mining dump truck is self lighting type, which can load and transport various materials and ores.
6. The driving brake of this UK-30 LP tip truck is wet type and multi-discs, which has stable performance and less maintenance.

Packaging and Delivery
This UK-30 LP mining dump truck is packed in nude by 40 foot container.

Technical Parameters of UK-30 LP Tip Truck

Item Measure Unit UK-30 LP Underground Dump Truck
Bucket Capacity Stowed m3 20
Within Box Surface m3 15
Rated Loading Capacity ton 27000
Grade Ability % 14
Traveling Speed (Forward and Reverse)   km/h 0~26.0
Power Driven Method   Diesel
Model Standard Configuration Cummins QSM11FR20001
Rated Power   298kw/2100rpm
Exhaust Purifying Method   Catalytic Oxidation + Silencer
Transmission System Type   Hydraulic + Mechanical
Variable Torque Converter   CL8000/ DANA
Variable Gearbox   6422 / DANA
Drive Axle   19D3847/ DANA
Brake Type When Driving   Spring Braking
When Parking   Wet Multi-disc Brakes
Steering   Hydraulic Power Steering
Allocated Tyre Code   26.50R25
Idling Complete Machine Mass kg 27000
Turning Radius Inner Radius mm 5560
Outer Radius mm 9700
External Dimensions Length mm 9860
Width mm 3150
Height mm 2800

Established in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. The above referred UK-30 LP mine dump truck, also known as tip truck, is one of our company’s main products. If you are interested in this mining trucks, please contact us immediately.

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