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UK-6R Underground Personnel Carrier

UK-6R Staff Transport Truck

The rated loading capacity of UK-6R underground personnel carrier is 6000kg, and its maximum grade ability is 30%. This underground personnel transporter is designed for transporting staffs working underground. It is important equipment for mining.

1. The delivery cycle of this UK-6R mining underground personnel carrier is 60~90 days. Our company can customize the products for our customers, requiring 60~120 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. There is also components storage of this underground personnel carrier at that place to provide optimal service.
3. The engine of this UK-6R mining underground personnel carrier adopts German Deutz F6L914W type. The torque converter and speed changing box introduce American famous brand DANA. The drive axle of this transporting vehicle also uses American famous brand DANA, which is equipped with spring brake.
4. The UK-6R mining underground personnel carrier adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission system. The steering angle is big. It is flexible to swerve and stable to operate.

Maintenance and Repair
1. Remember to refer to the components atlas to purchase parts of this underground personnel transporter from the original supplier, in order to prolong the operating life.
2. Please refer to service manual to maintain and take good care of this UK-6R mining underground personnel carrier to prolong the operating life.
3. The components are delivered along with the main machine.

Packaging and Delivery
This UK-6R mining underground personnel carrier is packed in nude by 40 foot container.

Technical Parameters of UK-6R Underground Personnel Carrier

Item Measure Unit UK-6R Vehicle for Transporting Staff
Rated Loading Capacity Kg 6000
Max. Grade Ability % 30
Traveling Speed (Forward and Backward)   Shift I km/h 6.5
Shift II km/h 13.0
Shift III km/h 20.0
Power Driven Method   Diesel
Type   F6L914W /DEUTZ
Rated Power kW/rpm 112kW/2300rpm
Exhaust Purifying Method   Catalytic Oxidation + Silencer
Transmission System Type   Hydraulic + Mechanical
Variable Torque Converter   1201FT20321/ DANA
Variable Gearbox   1201FT20321/ DANA
Drive Axle   112/DANA
Driving Brake Type   Wet Multi-disc Brakes
Parking Brake Type   Hydraulic Release Spring
Steering   Hydraulic Power Steering
Idling Complete Machine Mass kg 12500
Turning Radius Inner mm 3650
Outer mm 6000
External Dimensions Length mm 7050
Width mm 1800
Height mm 2400

Founded in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery. The mining underground personnel carrier is one of our company’s products. This underground personnel transporter is indispensable equipment for mining. For more information of underground personnel carrier, please enter our website and contact us immediately.

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