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BZC-350A Truck Mounted Reverse Directional Drilling Rig

BZC-350A Truck Mounted Reverse Directional Drilling Rig

The BZC-350A truck mounted rotary drilling rig is mainly mechanical driven. Most of the operating mechanisms are hydraulic driven and other parts are mechanical driven. In addition to the main operating mode of rotary drilling by rotary table and mud, this well drilling truck can be adapted to other drilling if it is equipped with drilling tool that is suitable for drilling through various strata such as clay, sand and matrix, etc.

1. Reasonable Construction Design
Due to dual slewing ring system, telescopic boom and sliding mast, the truck mounted rotary drilling rig realizes flexible movement and multi-angle changes, applicable to a variety of working conditions.
2. Comfortable Operation System
High level operation interface and convenient operation makes that wired and remote radio control system is both available on request.
3. Convenient Maintenance
Reasonable design, integrated configuration and regular hydraulic pipe lead maintenance of this well drilling truck easy and convenient.
4. Short Delivery Cycle
The delivery cycle of this truck mounted rotary drilling rig is short, just needing 90~120 days.
5. Optimal Service
Overseas customers enjoy 24 hours after-sale service a day and dispatching service. We send professional engineers there to offer technical guidance and maintenance. There is also components storage of this well drilling truck there.

1. This truck mounted rotary drilling rig is mainly applied to drill various building foundation pile holes at quaternary unconsolidated formation, gravel layer and base rock layer. It can also be utilized in industrial and agricultural well drilling.
2. This well drilling truck is applicable to deep wells engineering, building, bridge pile foundation, oilfield casing, high tension line, wind power at the bottom of the pile, geological mine, port terminals, the construction of the dam foundation, etc. It has been winning customers’ recognition and praise at home and abroad.
3. The main transmission, gearbox, winding engine, mud pump and drill tower of the truck mounted rotary drilling rig are all installed on the automotive chassis.
4. The well drilling truck adopts hydraulic system, thus the drill tower’s elevation is controlled hydraulically like the four or six landing legs. The back landing legs can stretch horizontally, which can be operated alone or with other systems at the same time. These factors improve the flexibility of this truck mounted rotary drilling rig.
5. The well drilling truck can also be equipped with hydraulic pressure device to improve high efficiency when meeting hard layer like rocks.
6. The three phase AC generating set is in your option when choosing this truck mounted rotary drilling rig. That AC generating set does benefits for night lighting and welding maintenance.
7. This well drilling truck is equipped with hydraulic power steering gearbox, which offers convenience when transferring drilling places.
8. The key feature of this truck mounted rotary drilling rig is that it can bear heavy duty construction. And the support frame is made of a solid steel beam with no poles and no tubes, which insure a stable, smooth, straight-line drilling process with no constant shaking and rocking action commonly seen on the lighter, cheaply made rigs.
9. This well drilling truck introduces the rotary drilling method, the most modern method of drilling today. It is fast and efficient and until recently it was only available in large, expensive, truck rigs.
10. The main transmission of this truck mounted rotary drilling rig is of mechanical transmission type. The drilling rod has thread and flange connecting ways.

Technical Parameters of BZC-350A Well Drilling Truck

Technical Parameters
Drilling Depth (m) 50 150
Drilling Diameter (mm) 1500 500
Rotary Speed (r/min) 122.3, 79.5, 49.9, 28.3, 16.7, 15.9 (Reverse)
Rotary Torque (kn.m) 7.4, 11.4, 18.3, 31.9, 54.1, 56.8 (Reverse)
Winch Single Pulling Force (kn) 30
Hook Lifting Capacity (kn) 120
Drill Tower Carrying Capacity (kn) 150
Drill Tower Height (mm) 9090
  Drill Rod Main Drill Rod (mm) 182×182×5000
Assistant Drill Rod (mm) Ф168×8×3000 (Threaded Connection)
  Hydraulic Oil Pump Type CB-E532
Output Volume (ml/r) 32
Rated Speed (r/min) 2000
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 16
    Mud Pump     Flow (m³/h) 200
Lift (m) 26
Suction (m) 7.5
Rotate Speed (r/min) 1450
Power (KW) 30
    Gravel  Pump     6BS Gravel Pump   Flow (m³/h) 280
Suction (m) 7.5
Lift (m) 18
Rotate Speed (r/min) 730
Power (KW) 30
  Supporting Power       Diesel   Type CA6DE3-20E3   Europe III Emission
Power (KW) 147
Rotate Speed (r/min) 2300
Max. Torque (n·m) 730
Chassis Parameters Chassis Type TAZ5183TZJ (Autocrane Chassis)
Driving Type 6×4
Driving Cab Sinotruk Gold Prince Panoramic Cab
Mass Parameters (kg)   Chassis Kerb Mass (kg) 9200
Max. Total Mass (kg) 20450
Axle Load Mass Chassis Kerb Mass Front Axle 3500       Rear Axle 5400
Max. Axle Load Mass Front Axle 5500        Rear Axle  14950
Dimensions and Parameters (mm)           External Dimensions Chassis External Dimensions 11420mm×2500mm×2500mm
Wheel Base 4600+1300
Wheel Track (Front/Back) 1955 1860/1860
Front Suspension /Rear Suspension 2145/2860
Min. Ground Clearance 255
Max. Ground Level 1042
Approach Angle/Departure Angle (Full Load) 16°/10°
Max. Speed (km/h) 75
Min. Turning Diameter (m) 22
Max. Grade Ability 22%
Braking Length (m) ≤9 (Initial Velocity 30km/h)
Transmission System Clutch One-chip Spring, Gas Power
Transmission Type 5J75TB  5 Forward Gears & 1 Reverse Gear
Speed Ratio 7.34, 3.99, 2.74, 1.55, 1.00, R6.48
Transmission Shaft Type Open & Universal Joint
  Drive Axle Form Cut-through Type & Twin-stage Transmission
Speed Ratio 5.571
Power Take-off (Transfer Case) XYC57270-010
         Traveling System Suspension Front Suspension Length Wise Direction & Semiellipse & Plate Spring
Rear Suspension Balanced Type Plate Spring, Propelling Rod
Wheel Tyre Specification 9.00-20   14 Hierarchy
Tyre Pressure 0.68±0.020Mpa
Optimum Working Gear of Gearbox Well Drilling  Fifth Gear
Optimum Working Rotate Speed of Gearbox Well Drilling (1000-1400r/min)
Nation Complete Machine Type TAZ5173TZJBZC350 Drill Truck
Weight (kg) 18830
Transportation Dimensions (mm) 11420×2500×3250
Working Dimensions (mm) 11420×4290×10250

The Optional Configuration

                Drill Rod Main Drill Rod (mm)  182×182×5000
Assistant Drill Rod (mm)        Ф168×8×3000 (Flanged Connection)
      Generator Set   Type MF
Rated Power (KW) 15
Rated Voltage (v) 400
Rated Current (A) 27
Power Factor 0.8
Rotate Speed (r/min) 1500
Frequency (Hz) 50
Insulation Grade H
Protection Grade IP21
    Gravel  Pump       8BS Gravel Pump   Flow (m³/h) 400
Suction (m) 7.5
Lift (m) 18
Rotate Speed (r/min) 600
Power (KW) 55
  Supporting Power   Motor Type Y315S-6
Power (KW) 75
Rotate Speed (r/min) 980

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