WJD-1 Electric Underground LHD Loader

WJD-1 Electric Underground LHD Loader

The shovel capacity of this WJD-1 electric underground mining loader is 1m³, the rated loading capacity is 2000kg, and the maximum dumping height is 1000mm. This underground mining loader is a machine for loading ore at underground roadway. It is suitable for block caving method, open-stope method, room and pillar method, which often does some auxiliary work such as building and leveling road, transporting materials, etc.

1. This WJD-1 electric underground mining loader adopts alternating current motor. It has no exhaust emission. 380V/50Hz and 440V/60Hz working voltage is acceptable.
2. The shovel of this underground mining loader adopts Sweden Hardox wear-resistant steel. Thus it is strong in endurance and beautiful in appearance.
3. This electric underground mining loader introduces imported variable pump and motor. It uses hydraulic transmission system.

1. Overseas customers will enjoy 24/7 service and dispatching service. We will send professional engineers abroad to provide optimal service.
2. The delivery cycle of this WJD-1 electric underground mining loader is short, just requiring 15 to 35 days.
3. Our company has nearly 50 years manufacturing and sales history, thus the quality of this electric underground mining loader is guaranteed. It is stable in performance, flexible and convenient in operation.

1. This electric underground mining loader satisfies the requirements of narrow roadway. It adopts 380/440v ac asynchronous motor as power source.
2. This electric underground mining loader is compact in structure, flexible and convenient in operation, efficient in working and low pollution in emission.

Packaging and Delivering
This WJD-1 electric underground mining loader is packed in nude by 20 foot container. And the delivery cycle is 15 to 35 days.

Technical Parameters of WJD-1 Electric Underground Mining Loader

Item Measure Unit Electric Underground Mining Scraper
Shovel Capacity m3 1
Rated Loading Capacity kg 2000
Max. Shovel Force kN 42
Max. Traction Force kN 50
Max. Dumping Height mm 1000
Traveling Speed (Forward and Reverse) km/h   0~8  
Power Driven Method   Motor
Model   Y225M-4/Chinese
Rated Power kW 45
Cable Effective Length  m 75
Transmission System Type   Hydrostatic + Mechanical
Variable Pump   PV22/APIS-GTN
Variable Motor   MV23/APIS-GTN
Drive Axle   PC15B/Chinese
Brake Type When Driving   Hoof Type
When Parking   Wet Multi-disc Brakes 
Steering   Hydraulic Power Steering
Allocated Tyre Code   10.00-20
Idling Complete Machine Mass kg 6800
Inner Turning Radius mm 2250
Outer Turning Radius mm 4050
External Dimensions Length mm 5800
Width mm 1320
Height mm 2000

NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD is founded in March, 2003. It runs various kinds of mining equipment. Our company is a professional maker of those mining machines, including the referred electric underground mining loader. If you are interested in this underground mining loader, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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