WJD-3 Electric Underground LHD Loader

WJD-3 Electric Underground LHD Loader

With the shovel capacity 3m³, rated loading capacity 6200kg, and maximum dumping height 1325mm, the WJD-3 electric LHD is a machine for loading ore at underground roadway. This electric underground LHD loader is suitable for block caving method, open-stope method, room and pillar method, which often does some auxiliary work such as building and leveling road, transporting materials, etc.

1. The WJD-3 electric LHD adopts 1000 volts ac asynchronous motor as a power source.
2. The hydraulic torque converter, dynamic shift gearbox and dynamic transmission system of drive axles all utilize America’s famous brand Dana, which ensure reliable performance.
3. Braking system and parking braking system use wet multi-disc brake, which needs no maintenance.
4. The hydraulic pump and valve of this electric underground LHD loader all adopt famous brands, such as Parker, Rextoth, Danfoss, etc.
5. Electrical control system of the WJD-3 electric LHD uses the programmable controller. The wiring is clear, which is easy to control.
6. Specially configured leakage protector has high reliability and high sensitivity. It has insulation resistance testing.
7. The shovel edge of this electric underground LHD loader uses Sweden Hardox500 wear-resistance steel, which has strong endurance and beautiful appearance.
8. This the WJD-3 electric LHD can shovel, transport, load and discharge in a complete process. It features in compact structure, flexibility, convenient operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, no exhaust emission, etc.

1. The delivery cycle of this electric underground LHD loader is short, just needing 15~60 days. We can also provide customized products, which requires 60~120 days.
2. The after-sale service includes dispatching service. We will send professional engineers abroad to give you specialized training and maintenance.

Packaging and Delivery
This WJD-3 electric LHD is packed in nude by 40 foot container.

Technical Parameters of WJD-3 Electric Underground LHD Loader

Item Measure Unit Electric LHD
Shovel Capacity m3 3
Rated Loading Capacity kg 6200
Max. Shovel Force kN 132
Max. Traction Force kN 150
Max. Dumping Height mm 1325
Traveling Speed (Forward and Reverse) Shift I km/h 3.3
Shift II km/h 6.5
Shift III km/h 10.5
Power Driven Method   Motor
Model   Y280M-4/Chinese
Rated Power kW 90
Cable Effective Length m 150
Transmission System Type   Hydraulic + Mechanical
Variable Torque Converter   C270/DANA
Variable Gearbox   R32000/DANA
Drive Axle   16D/DANA
Driving Brake Type   Wet Multi-disc Brakes
Parking Brake Type   Wet Multi-disc Brakes
Steering   Hydraulic Power Steering
Allocated Tyre Code   17.5-25
Idling Complete Machine Mass kg 17800
Turning Radius Inner mm 3330
Outer mm 6100
External Dimensions Length mm 9135
Width mm 2174
Height mm 2135

Founded in March, 2003, NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO. ,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery, including electric LHD. We are a professional manufacturer of this kind of electric underground LHD loader. For more information about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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